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Apr 02, 15 How to List a Book on

I like listing books on Amazon because it is easy, time-saving, and basically free. The best thing about Amazon is that it does not charge you unless you actually sell the merchandise, which makes it cheaper than eBay.

Listing on Amazon is nowhere near as complicated or time-consuming as listing on eBay. I figure that I can list four or five books on Amazon in the time that I list one book on eBay. That makes it easy to list a large volume, which is the only way to make money on Amazon.

Too Fat to Fish

The drawback to Amazon is that you will not have as much control as you have at eBay. You will not be able to offer an auction, take and refuse bids, and write a detailed description. The number and quality of pictures you can display is limited. There is also little chance to add your own Search Engine Optimization (SEO) terms, which can help drive more sales.
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Since Amazon is a retail marketplace directed towards general consumers, it is a good idea to only list recently published books geared towards a general consumer there. I have not listed many collectible books on, but I plan to in the future to see how they sell and how much I can make from them.

Here is the basic process for listing a book at

  1. Go to


  1. Click on Your Account on the righthand side of the screen.

  1. When your account comes up, click on your Seller Account on the Other Accounts If you do not have a Seller Account, follow the instructions for setting it up.


  1. Log into your Seller Account. If you do not have one, follow the instructions for setting one up.


  1. On the top of the screen, you’ll see Inventory, and if you mouse over to it, a drop down menu will appear. Look for the words Add a Product and click on them.

Exceptional Selling

  1. Now you’ll see the Find it on Amazon search feature. The best way to locate a book on Amazon is to type in the European Article Number (or EAN) into the search box. This is the number that appears at the bottom of the bar code. It usually begins with a nine, and it usually comes up. If the EAN does not work, or there is no EAN, you can try the International Standard Book Number (or ISBN). You can usually find that on the bottom of the back cover or on the copyright page of the book. If neither of these work, you can try typing in the name of the book.


  1. If Amazon recognizes the EAN, ISBN or name, a page with a picture of the book should pop up. Sometimes more than one item will pop up; look for the one you are selling and click on it. Don’t worry if the image looks different; you’re looking for a specific product. Look for the button that says Sell Yours and click on it.


  1. Now choose a condition. Do this by click on the arrow in the box by the word Condition. You must choose one of the used conditions in order to list a used item. See my entry on grading a book for tips on how to do this.

Classic Rock

  1. Add the photos. I do this before typing the condition note because it takes a while for to upload the photos. I usually add two photos, the front and the back. If there are illustrations inside the book, you can add them too.


  1. Type the condition note. Keep it short and list the defects. If the book looks as if it has not been read, write that in. Here is one of my stock condition notes to guide you: 


“A very clean copy with no wear and tear, it may have been read once.”


  1. Choose a price using the “your price” option. Never choose the low price because it is almost always too low for you to make money. Another problem is that’s low price often comes with free shipping, which can greatly inflate your costs. There is no such as free shipping because free shipping means the seller pays for it. Don’t worry about not using this; I find items sell just as well on without the low price.

Glory Road II

  1. Hint: if you use the Your Price option, you’ll be offered a flat rate shipping option. Sometimes it will also offer you free shipping with a promotion. Do not worry too much about the shipping cost because many Amazon customers use Amazon Prime, which offers free shipping, so they get free shipping anyway.


  1. I generally price books at half the list price. This will be listed in the upper righthand corner. Make sure the price is at least $8 to $9. Amazon usually charges a fee of around $5 a book. It will charge about $1 more for fulfillment by Amazon. You can go lower if you are shipping directly.


  1. If you want, you can schedule a sale price. I usually make my sale price $1 or $2 lower than the “your price.”

My Sister's Keeper

  1. You’ll have to choose a sale start and end date. I usually schedule the sale about two months to a year after I list out because items tend to sell pretty quickly on


  1. You can ignore the restock and start selling dates because they have no real impact, unless you’re stocking something you can restock.

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  1. Make sure you choose the country of publication, import designation, and country as labeled. You can usually find out where the book was printed on the copyright page.


  1. Under shipping method, you have two options. I usually choose: “I want Amazon to ship and provide customer service for my items if they sell.” This is the option that will take the item to Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA. You can also choose to ship it yourself.

  1. If you choose FBA, make sure that you click on the yellow Save and Finish button; otherwise, it will wipe out your order.


  1. When you choose FBA, you should be taken to the Send/Replenish Inventory Screen. Choose case packed items so you can send a box to Amazon. Please refer to FBA shipment resources to see how to do this.

Animal Vegetable, Miracle Back

  1. To add another item, return to inventory and repeat the process.


Note: this is the standard method for items without an ISBN or older items; you will have to create a listing. I’ll show you how to do that in another post.


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