What Is the Purpose of This Website?

Feb 20, 15 What Is the Purpose of This Website?

The purpose of this website is to share my experiences in the wonderful world of online retail—specifically peddling used books with you.

I will endeavor to achieve this goal in two ways:

  • First by sharing the knowledge I’ve gained from three years of intense online used book sales mostly on eBay but also on Amazon.com. The general idea of this is to help you avoid the mistakes that I’ve made and to show you what works and what does not. I can do this because I’ve been there and done that.
A Field Guide to Western Birds

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In particular, I’ll try to help you get around all the common pitfalls that I’ve fallen prey to, and believe me, there are a lot of them out there. I’ll also try to dispel a lot of the conventional wisdom out there that’s dead wrong—and there’s a lot of it.


  • Second by sharing with you the results of my online retail experiments. I’m constantly experimenting in online retail, changing things around, and trying new things like this blog. One of the ulterior purposes of this blog will be to drive more business to my eBay page. I want to record the results of these experiments and analyze them here.

Some Other Reasons for This Blog

There are some other motives for this blog. The first is to make some extra money via affiliate, link, and other online advertising, so you will see ads here. Online advertising can make you a lot of money; Google generated $10.47 billion from sites—its euphemism for online advertising—in the last three months of 2014.

It would simply be foolish not to place ads here. A person that puts up a website and does not mix in advertising is like a fellow that sees a $20 bill lying on the sidewalk and does not pick it up—he’s an idiot. Okay, the money you get from the average ad is more like a penny lying on the sidewalk, but guess what, they add up.

That being said, one thing you will not see here or any other blog I own is a paid post. I’m a writer, not a salesman; the thoughts and ideas are purely my own. To preserve my independence, credibility, and integrity, I simply do not do paid posts. Nobody is paying me to do this.

If you want to reimburse me for my work, visit the advertisers—that is what they are here for. One reason I run advertising is to preserve my editorial freedom.

You will also see the occasional link to my other websites: marketmadhouse.com, which is about the economy, politics, and the stock market, and carinsurancesamurai.com, which is about car insurance and other auto-related issues. If you’ve been paying attention, there are two of them in this little diatribe. It would also be foolish not to promote some of my other enterprises here; it is free advertising.

A Fortune in the Junk Pile

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The other big purpose to this site is to help me with my planning, organization, and brainstorming as I grow my business. My goal is to greatly increase my online book sales and the cash flow from them in order to pay pills and put more money in my bank account.

To succeed in that endeavor, I will need to carefully analyze, and more importantly, think about every aspect of my business. If I want to succeed in that goal, I’ll need to organize the information coming in and clarify my thoughts. Since I’m a writer by trade, the best way that I can do this is to write. One reason for the blog is to force me to engage in such analysis, planning, clarification, and organization on a regular basis.

I plan to gain new insight into book sales and, in the process, find more ways to generate cash from books. Making money is the ultimate goal of any business. The blog is a tool to help me do that and hopefully provide an additional stream of revenue in the form of advertising sales.

Another long-term objective is to create a book on online book sales, which I will sell through Amazon and Smashwords to create yet another stream of revenue. My plan will be to use the blog posts as chapters in the book. I also plan to use some chapters from Make Money from Books, a draft of such a book I’m been banging away at for a couple of years as blog posts. If you want to see the book, stay tuned; it’s a work in progress.

What Shall I Cook Today

Finally, I am a freelance writer; if you like my writing, you can hire me through Elance.com. I’m always on the lookout for new clients, so if you need a writer, please reach out to me.

Beyond these reasons, I simply love writing and enjoy selling books online. Since I have fun at those two activities, I figured I could make money if I figured out a way to combine the two. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that I make the most money when I’m having fun. If something becomes tedious or drudge work, I lose money at it. That’s why I left the cubicle farms and entered the self-employment realm—to have fun and make money.

Welcome to Make Cash from Books. I hope you have fun and learn something while you’re here.

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