Volunteering Can Pay Off

Jul 05, 15 Volunteering Can Pay Off

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Volunteering can pay off in a big way for an online book merchant. I learned this last week after my local librarian asked me and my brother to help sort donated books. A week or so later, I returned to help set up the annual book sale. Your new favorite book is free! Check out Doubleday Book Club today. As a “reward” for my time and effort, the librarian let me take a couple of boxes of books in exchange for a promise of a future cash donation. After getting the books home and sorting through them, I learned that my investment of time and effort had really paid off. Some of the interesting finds I made in those piles of donated books included: A textbook that regularly sells for around $50 a copy.   A number of antique children’s books worth $25 to $30 apiece.   An auto manual worth up to $20. Big Savings On Your California Auto Insurance Today! Click Here For Your Free California Car Insurance Quote!   Several investment books that sell for $10 to $15 apiece.   An investment book that normally sells for around $50 a copy.   A rare, out-of-print paperback worth around $20.   A vintage 1960s Doc Savage paperback worth around $20. Believe it or not, I pulled that from the dumpster when I was throwing out the trash. Dozens of almost new fiction and nonfiction bestsellers I could send to Amazon, where they sell for $10 to $15 a copy. I net a profit of around $5 on each of those books.   An old Girl Scout Badge Book I sold on eBay for $9.99. A lot of rarebooks, including a self-published cookbook and a book containing the script for the movie Monte Python and the Holy Grail—the basis for the hugely popular play Spamalot.   The moral of this story is that volunteering can benefit your bank account as well your community and your soul. If you are asked to help sort...

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Why Books?

Feb 20, 15 Why Books?

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Before we begin, a lot of people will ask “Why books?” Many of you probably think that paper books have gone the way of the dinosaur because of Kindle, eBooks, and iPads.   Celebrity Authors’ Secrets – The World’s Greatest Living Authors Reveal How They Sell Millions of Books by Stephanie Hale. $12.99 from Smashwords.com Twelve of the world’s greatest living authors reveal their tips for writing a book that sells over a million copies in Celebrity Authors’ Secrets. A must-have guide – filled with publishing and book marketing info – for aspiring writers, authors, publishers, editors, writing coaches, creative writing tutors and anyone who loves books. Find out how to make your book stand out from the masses!   Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Despite the success of digital books, there is still a strong market for paper books, and it seems to be growing. Better yet, many traditional sources of paper books are drying up, even though the demand for them is still high, and in some cases, growing. In the past three years, I accidently discovered that books are almost the ideal item to sell online. The many attributes that books offer include: Books are easy and cheap to ship. It costs $2.95 to ship the average book via Media Mail from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), and those who buy postage online via eBay get a discount. I even discovered that I could ship a 12-pound box of books to an Amazon.com fulfillment center for a little over $6.   Books have a high markup. The average used paperback costs 25 to 50 cents at a thrift store, yet it can be sold for around $5.99 online. That’s a 400% profit. The average profit on a new book sold online is under 10%. A used hardback book that costs 80¢ to $1 can be sold for $9.99. Many books sell for far more; I recently discovered that copies of a paperback humor book called The Rape of the APE...

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