Social Media Marketing Solutions for Online Booksellers

Jun 07, 15 Social Media Marketing Solutions for Online Booksellers

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Marketing is often the biggest challenge for online retailers, largely because most people are unfamiliar with it. Sadly, booksellers are often less prepared to engage in online promotion than others because they are unfamiliar with advertising and marketing. Your new favorite book is free! Check out Literary Guild today. Fortunately, popular social media venues provide versatile, easy-to-use and relatively cheap or free marketing solutions that almost anybody can take advantage of. Social media is also a great learning tool for marketers because it allows a person to become familiar with the process at little or no cost. Another advantage to social media is that most people are already familiar with it. You may not have to teach yourself any new skills or behaviors, because you might already be using social media. The best social medium for you to utilize for your marketing will be the one that you utilize most. If you Facebook every day or regularly peruse LinkedIn, launch your first marketing networks there because you are already familiar with those tools. Once you have mastered one, you can move on to another. A Few Basic Rules for Social Media Marketing Following these simple rules can make marketing much easier and help you avoid some common pitfalls. My rules of social media marketing for beginners are below: Create separate accounts or pages for your marketing efforts. Do not try marketing your products through your personal page. Remember, your customers are interested in the books you have for sale; they probably do not care about your summer vacation or Aunt Flo’s hernia operation. Title loans up to $25,000. Apply now. Set up a firewall between your personal accounts and your business accounts. Never post personal information on your business page, and never post ads or stuff for sale on your personal accounts.   Make sure the product that you are selling takes center stage. Your social media marketing efforts should focus upon the stuff you have for sale, not the appearance of the page...

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Does Free Shipping Really Drive More Traffic?

Jun 02, 15 Does Free Shipping Really Drive More Traffic?

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Let a Law Firm Remove your Negative Items from your Credit Report! For the past couple of months I have been slowly converting all my eBay listings to free shipping. Naturally, many of you will be wondering if I saw a rise in sales. The answer is sort of; sales rose slightly, and some items that were sitting on eBay for months did sell after I reset the shipping. Yet I did not see a large rise in sales largely because I had to raise prices in order to cover the cost of “free shipping.” Note: The main reason I’m switching to free shipping is to simplify and rationalize my listings. I also want to control shipping costs by offering only the cheapest shipping option possible: USPS Standard Post or Media Mail. I did not expect a big rise in sales and have not gotten one. Yet there is a small rise in sales, and I think I can account for it. Many people do not like to buy online because they are afraid of shipping. They have either been burned by high shipping costs or simply get confused by it. By taking the decision about shipping away from them, you make such people more likely to buy. Crossings: Books you can believe in, selected by Christian readers like you. When people see the cost of shipping displayed they are more likely to think twice about making a purchase. Hide the cost in the product’s final cost, and they will be more likely to get out their credit cards. Another reason they are more likely to buy is that free shipping makes buying simpler. Making purchases easier makes people more likely to spend money, as retailers have long known. So yes, folks, it is worth the effort to convert your listings to free shipping when possible. Here are a few tips that will help you harness the power of free shipping: Free shipping is not free to you. You will have to pay the...

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A Few Tips for Creating a Killer eBay Listing

Listing an item on eBay will take a little longer than listing something on Amazon because you will have to do more work. This is both good and bad; eBay listings take more time to create, but it gives you more control over the process. There are also some things that you can do to make your eBay listing more effective and more likely to sell your item. These strategies and steps include: Avoid eBay’s valet program because it does not take most books and items under $40.   Always list older and unusual items as antiquarian or collectible. This lets you set up a completely new listing for the item and stops eBay from confusing it with something completely different. That would keep your first edition of Kurt Vonnegut’s Player Piano from 1952 from getting lumped in with a recent paperback reprint of the same book. It also directs your stuff to people more likely to pay extra for it, namely collectors. A person who just wants to read Player Piano is looking for the cheapest copy possible; a collector is looking for special attributes.   If you are listing with an ISBN, check the title eBay gives you. They sometimes get it wrong, especially the year. Make sure the year listed there is the year the book you are selling was published and that the title and author are correct.   Always post at least one really good picture of your book at eBay. The picture should only show the book and nothing else. Use a scanner to take the picture and a photo editing program to crop the picture. This makes it look more professional.   If possible, post more than one picture; I usually post a picture of the front and back of the book unless the back is blank. If there are illustrations inside the book, post pictures of them. If there’s a signature, post a picture of that. If you think it is a first edition, post a...

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