Estate Sales: Your Best Source of Books

People sometimes ask me where is the best place to buy used books at a really good price. My answer, without hesitation, is estate sales. An estate sale, for those you who are not familiar with them, is a sale held to dispose of the contents of a home. They are called estate sales because they are usually held after somebody dies, but they can also be held when people downsize or move. The major difference between an estate sale and a garage sale is that an estate sale is usually staged by professionals. There are companies that specialize in such sales and auctions. A garage sale is usually held by an individual. The reason I like estate sales is that you can often find a lot of books at them for a really good price. The books are usually in good condition and clean. You can also find lots of other bargains at such sales, including furniture, electronics, and decorations.   Estate sales are really easy to find; they are listed on Craigslist and at websites like Many estate sale companies will even list the contents of what they are selling and post pictures online to look at, which can make your job a lot easier. Tips for Successful Estate Sale Picking If you are going to be serious about buying used books, you’ll need to start going to estate sales. Here is a list of tips that can help you succeed at estate sales: Bring cash. Few estate sale operators take credit cards and some do not take checks. Some of them will also give you a discount if you pay in cash.   Be willing to haggle for what you are buying. Estate sale operators only make money when they sell. So always be willing to ask for lower prices and bulk rates. If you do not like the price, be willing to make another offer. For the best selection, try to come as early as possible.   Be respectful....

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What Is Purpose of this Website

Feb 24, 15 What Is Purpose of this Website

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The purpose of this website is to share my experiences in the wonderful world of online retail—specifically peddling used books with you.   Celebrity Authors’ Secrets – The World’s Greatest Living Authors Reveal How They Sell Millions of Books by Stephanie Hale. $12.99 from Twelve of the world’s greatest living authors reveal their tips for writing a book that sells over a million copies in Celebrity Authors’ Secrets. A must-have guide – filled with publishing and book marketing info – for aspiring writers, authors, publishers, editors, writing coaches, creative writing tutors and anyone who loves books. Find out how to make your book stand out from the masses!   I will endeavor to achieve this goal in two ways: First by sharing the knowledge I’ve gained from three years of intense online used book sales mostly on eBay but also on com. The general idea of this is to help you avoid the mistakes that I’ve made and to show you what works and what does not. I can do this because I’ve been there and done that.   In particular, I’ll try to help you get around all the common pitfalls that I’ve fallen prey to, and believe me, there are a lot of them out there. I’ll also try to dispel a lot of the conventional wisdom out there that’s dead wrong—and there’s a lot of it.   Second by sharing with you the results of my online retail experiments. I’m constantly experimenting in online retail, changing things around, and trying new things like this blog. One of the ulterior purposes of this blog will be to drive more business to my eBay page. I want to record the results of these experiments and analyze them here. Some Other Reasons for This Blog There are some other motives for this blog. The first is to make some extra money via affiliate, link, and other online advertising, so you will see ads here. Online advertising can make you a lot of money;...

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How Much I make from Online Book Sales

Feb 24, 15 How Much I make from Online Book Sales

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Many of you are probably wondering how much money I make from online book sales. That’s a very fair and important question because I’m running a website that purports to tell you how to make money by selling books. In 2014, I made an average of around $400 a month, $394.98 to be exact, from my sales. In my best month, November, I made $471.02, and in my worst month, January, I made a little under $300, $293.11 to be exact. The total proceeds of my sales came to $4,739.79 in 2014, and guess what? I did this as a part-time job, with no access to a reliable car and by using my bedroom as a storage area. This year, I’m planning to ramp up my business. I just rented a storage locker and bought some shelving to make storage more efficient, and I’m planning to buy a vehicle real soon. That means I could easily double or triple that figure this year and perhaps quadruple it with hard work, especially if I can greatly increase my Amazon sales, which were minuscule last year. eBay’s Selling Manager Pro Summary is also a real help in this department. It showed me that I made $239.34 in the last 30 days, $823.89 in the last 90 days, and $1,193.20 in the last 120 days. Obviously, that figure does not include shipping costs, supplies etc.; instead, it represents pure cashflow. eBay income is pretty nice because you get almost immediate access to it through PayPal if you do a fairly high volume of sales. Another big advantage to eBay income is that you can transfer it to banks for free. That’s extra cash you can get your hands on almost instantly. is a little harder to deal with because it keeps your payments for two weeks and takes the fees out of them. That makes bookkeeping easier, but it means payment is delayed.   As you can see, I am not getting rich, but I have...

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