Amazon wants a Piece of Uber’s Action

Jun 22, 15 Amazon wants a Piece of Uber’s Action

Posted by in Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) has stolen a page out of Uber’s book and announced plans to develop an App that would allow anybody to become an Amazon delivery person. Hiscox Small Business specializes in customized insurance for IT professionals. The service called On My Way would try to reduce shipping costs and expand its services by using independent contractors. Basically anybody could download then drive, walk or bicycle to a pickup point such as the Post Office, pick up the package and deliver it to the final destination. Deliverers would log onto the app much as they log onto Uber. Then get assigned a package to pick up and deliver in their area. The service would be similar to Google Express which uses hired couriers to pick up packages from stores and deliver them to customers. Host of Problems Face Amazon Delivery App The service is also similar to FedEx (NYSE: FDX) which uses independent drivers instead of hired employees to pick up and deliver packages. That could lead to legal hassles because the legal status of Uber drivers in the United States is far from settled. The state of Florida recently declared an Uber driver an employee for unemployment insurance purposes and lawsuits challenging Uber’s definition of drivers as contractors are winding their way through the federal courts. Shop the Star Trek Store Best Sellers! There are a host of other problems awaiting Amazon here for example the insurance of packages. Who will cover insurance costs for valuable items like jewelry and electronics in such crowd sourced delivery Apps? Insurance has been one of the big problems dogging Uber around the country. Insurance for delivery people would be a challenge because they would presumably have to be bonded to delivery high-value items. The problem of driver selection arises obviously you would need people with dependable vehicles and no criminal records. How would you tell which drivers have vans large enough to carry merchandise and which might have refrigerated vans? More importantly how would you...

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Passion, Patience, and Persistence the Three Keys to Success

Jun 17, 15 Passion, Patience, and Persistence the Three Keys to Success

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People sometimes ask me if there are any attributes or patterns of behavior that can lead to success in online retail and blogging. Your new favorite book is free! Check out Doubleday Book Club today. From what I have seen of the market, three characteristics are vital to success in any online or real world endeavor. Those characteristics can be summed up as passion, patience, and persistence. Persons without those qualities almost never succeed because they almost always give up. The three characteristics you will need to succeed online are passion, patience, and persistence. Passion – This is the most important of the three because it gives you the energy to develop the other two. If you want to get anywhere online, you must love what you are doing. You must want to look forward to sitting down at the computer and banging away for the sheer pleasure of it. I love writing and enjoy online commerce and blogging, so I have a passion for those activities. I also find that I make the most money from the things that I enjoy and generally do not make a cent on stuff I consider a chore. Do You Need Affordable and Accessible Legal Services? Start Now With My Lawyer Plan! A good rule of thumb is that if you are not enjoying what you are doing and looking forward to doing it, you need to find something else to do. Patience – Contrary to popular belief, it takes a lot of time to build up an online business. Results do not come overnight. Generally, it will take six months to a year to get meaningful results after you go live with a website. It can sometimes take longer. Results in online sales can be a little quicker, but they are often painfully slow as well. I have had items sit online for well over a year until they sold. The most successful online entrepreneurs are those with the most patience; it took Jack Ma over...

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Wal-Mart Reveals Some Intriguing Online Capabilities

 Your new favorite book is free! Check out Literary Guild today. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE: WMT) is revealing some intriguing new online capabilities that should give competitors like (NASDAQ: AMZN) pause. The retail behemoth is quietly promoting and testing its new free delivery option, ShippingPass, at the same time with a brilliant online strategy. The strategy demonstrates that Wal-Mart’s leaders have a tremendous understanding of human nature, publicity, advertising, online marketing and retailing that they are using to drive sales to in clever new ways. TechCrunch reported that an unknown number of web surfers stumbled upon a leaked internal link at The link took them to a webpage that revealed the name of Wal-Mart’s new service, ShippingPass, and offered customers free shipping for $1 a year. Customers were even invited to sign up for the service, but the link later disappeared. Those that signed up for the fantastic deal later received an apology email from Wal-Mart that included a $50 e-gift card. The apology email claimed those that had signed up had accidently stumbled upon an internal alpha test of the service. Where would you be without your car? The right insurance for the right price from SafeAuto keeps you driving for about $3 a day. Get your quote today at How Wal-Mart Mastered Free Publicity and Social Media This does not sound like a mistake to me; instead, it sounds like a very deliberate and extremely clever publicity stunt that took advantage of the Alpha Test. The event can be categorized as a publicity stunt because of all the attention it brought to ShippingPass. Not only did it get media attention but it also attracted interest from social media and the blogosphere. The external testers that signed up for the test become advertisers for Wal-Mart because they will talking about the $50 they got for simply trying to sign up for ShippingPass. When I heard about the affair, I went straight to the ShippingPass waitlist page and signed up....

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How to List a Book on

Apr 02, 15 How to List a Book on

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I like listing books on Amazon because it is easy, time-saving, and basically free. The best thing about Amazon is that it does not charge you unless you actually sell the merchandise, which makes it cheaper than eBay. Listing on Amazon is nowhere near as complicated or time-consuming as listing on eBay. I figure that I can list four or five books on Amazon in the time that I list one book on eBay. That makes it easy to list a large volume, which is the only way to make money on Amazon. The drawback to Amazon is that you will not have as much control as you have at eBay. You will not be able to offer an auction, take and refuse bids, and write a detailed description. The number and quality of pictures you can display is limited. There is also little chance to add your own Search Engine Optimization (SEO) terms, which can help drive more sales. Since Amazon is a retail marketplace directed towards general consumers, it is a good idea to only list recently published books geared towards a general consumer there. I have not listed many collectible books on, but I plan to in the future to see how they sell and how much I can make from them. Here is the basic process for listing a book at Go to   Click on Your Account on the righthand side of the screen. When your account comes up, click on your Seller Account on the Other Accounts If you do not have a Seller Account, follow the instructions for setting it up.   Log into your Seller Account. If you do not have one, follow the instructions for setting one up.   On the top of the screen, you’ll see Inventory, and if you mouse over to it, a drop down menu will appear. Look for the words Add a Product and click on them. Now you’ll see the Find it on Amazon search feature....

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Why you have to sell through Amazon and eBay

There’s a very simple reason why you would want to sell through Amazon and eBay if you want to succeed in online retail. Amazon and eBay are where the customers are. During the third quarter (May, June, July, and August of 2014), Amazon sites had 168 million visitors a month in the United States alone, according to the Statistics Portal, Statista. Statista’s data also showed that eBay attracted 111 American million visitors a month. There simply is no other website in the United States or Canada where you will be able to make contact with that many customers. Not one of the other sales platforms that will let smaller retailers conduct third-party sales attracts that kind of traffic.   Secrets from a Manhattan Broker: Things Your Rental Broker Doesn’t Want You to Know by Alex Zane Coleman. $9.99 from Looking for an apartment rental in Manhattan is undoubtedly a frustrating experience. Having to deal with lying brokers, fake ads on Craigslist, and bait and switch tactics, most apartment hunters find themselves in a desperate state filled with many unanswered questions. This book provides answers to those questions and more, helping you to save time, money, and most of all, your sanity!   The Best Online Real Estate Basically, eBay and Amazon have staked out the best real estate online, and in retail of any sort, location is everything. The great thing about these giants is that they are willing to let you sell through their prime locations. Walmart and Costco would not let you come into their stores and sell used books, but eBay and Amazon will. Amazon and eBay’s numbers also show why setting up your own online store is now a dumb idea for most sellers. There is no way you will be able to attract that kind of traffic to your website. If you set up your own online store, you would have to pay for website design and hosting and invest a fortune in advertising to attract a tiny...

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A Few Reasons Why You Should be selling through Amazon and eBay

The minute you start researching online retail, you will probably discover dozens of websites, blog posts, and forum posts bashing Amazon and eBay. You will probably also see all the horror stories about high fees, eBay rules, Amazon rules, etc. The best piece of advice I can give you is to ignore them because there currently is no good alternative to Amazon and eBay for the small seller in the United States and Canada. Unless you have several thousand dollars to invest in a website and retail operation, you will have to deal with Amazon and eBay. Something else to remember is that most of that anti-Amazon and anti-eBay propaganda is being spread by people trying to sell some sort of alternative to them, such as a prepackaged online store. Do not listen to them. Most of their solutions will cost more than Amazon and eBay and not attract one percent of the visitors you would get through Amazon and eBay. More reasons why you should concentrate on Amazon and eBay sales include: Statista reported that Amazon had 168 million visitors a month to its U.S. sites during the middle of 2014.   Statista also reported that eBay attracted 111 million visitors to its U.S. sites. The volume of merchandise moved by third-party vendors through Fulfillment by Amazon increased by 65% in 2014, according to Tech Crunch.   Selling through Amazon and eBay is the best education in online retail that I know of. You will learn basic skills, gain lots of insight, and make money at it. If you do decide to try elsewhere, the systems will be basically the same, so you will know how to use them.   eBay can give you a substantial discount on shipping, which can save you money.   Services like Fulfillment by Amazon and eBay’s Valet and Global Shipping Program can save you a lot of time, which is just as important to an entrepreneur as money, if not more so. Customers are already familiar with...

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