A Few Reasons Why You Should be selling through Amazon and eBay

The minute you start researching online retail, you will probably discover dozens of websites, blog posts, and forum posts bashing Amazon and eBay. You will probably also see all the horror stories about high fees, eBay rules, Amazon rules, etc.


The best piece of advice I can give you is to ignore them because there currently is no good alternative to Amazon and eBay for the small seller in the United States and Canada. Unless you have several thousand dollars to invest in a website and retail operation, you will have to deal with Amazon and eBay.

Something else to remember is that most of that anti-Amazon and anti-eBay propaganda is being spread by people trying to sell some sort of alternative to them, such as a prepackaged online store. Do not listen to them. Most of their solutions will cost more than Amazon and eBay and not attract one percent of the visitors you would get through Amazon and eBay.

More reasons why you should concentrate on Amazon and eBay sales include:

  • Statista reported that Amazon had 168 million visitors a month to its U.S. sites during the middle of 2014.


  • Statista also reported that eBay attracted 111 million visitors to its U.S. sites.

The Corrections

  • The volume of merchandise moved by third-party vendors through Fulfillment by Amazon increased by 65% in 2014, according to Tech Crunch.


  • Selling through Amazon and eBay is the best education in online retail that I know of. You will learn basic skills, gain lots of insight, and make money at it. If you do decide to try elsewhere, the systems will be basically the same, so you will know how to use them.


  • eBay can give you a substantial discount on shipping, which can save you money.


  • Services like Fulfillment by Amazon and eBay’s Valet and Global Shipping Program can save you a lot of time, which is just as important to an entrepreneur as money, if not more so.

Crisis Economics

  • Customers are already familiar with Amazon and eBay and shopping there. They also trust these sites and are used to shopping on them.


  • Reinventing the wheel makes absolutely no sense. Investing large sums to try and compete with those ecommerce giants when they want to be your partners makes no sense.

  • The amount you will invest in setting up your own site will probably exceed those eBay and Amazon.com fees.


Finally, even though you will see some links to Amazon and eBay on this blog (and I do sell through those sites), Amazon and eBay are not paying to me to write this. It is purely my opinion, and my opinion was formed through experience and several years of online selling.

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